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About SRA

Brief information about our organisation

SRA unites over 375 SME audit-, accountancy-, and tax advisory firms.  With practical and strategic support SRA assists its member firms with all aspects of their business operations. Focused on the present-day needs and those of the future.

With an SRA-membership the firm and its clientele are assured of quality, security and personal attention. During it’s more than 25 years of existence, SRA has achieved a leading position within the dutch accountancy sector.

High-quality service

At SRA quality is our number-one priority. SRA strives to ensure that large and small accountancy firms maintain a high-quality service both for entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. We ensure that guidelines and laws are translated into practical solutions. By sharing knowledge and developing new tools, training courses, products and services on an ongoing basis, we enable SRA’s member firms to maintain their knowledge and quality efficiently to ensure they remain competitive.

The best possible help and advice

SRA's affiliated firms serve around 55% of dutch SMEs. By pooling their knowledge and experience, SRA's affiliated firms can ensure they give entrepreneurs the best possible help and advice. This is possible thanks to the commitment shown by all our members. For example, through their participation in our many committees and other consultative bodies, which are characterised by their knowledge, experience and dynamism.

Respect and authority

By explaining the challenges facing small and large accountancy firms and SMEs in a systematic way, drawing on our own strengths and expertise, and in a voice that reflects the opinions of professionals, we develop respect and authority amongst the ultimate decision-makers. That’s how we build momentum. And how we ensure we are listened to.